Reverberant Space Considerations

Deep in East Texas, this particular church is very reverberant which is very hard to combat. The very first tool that you can use is to install speakers with the correct coverage angles. Being too wide is of our most concern. Sound being dispersed more than it needs to causes extra reflections (more reverberation) Another… Read More


Sound System Talk/Soldering Thoughts

Sound systems have evolved massively in the recent decade, and many brands have come forward with robust technologies. Not only the sound quality has been improved, but the hardware size has considerably reduced. Do you know how the audio engineers modernized sound systems? Classical sound systems used to be bulky and the sound quality wasn’t… Read More

Ringing Out a Microphone

Do you have a troublesome microphone? Or do you just want to make sure that you won’t have feedback problems throughout your program. Whatever your scenario, I am going to show you how to ring out a microphone in order to make it more stable. First off, make sure there isn’t anyone around the mic.… Read More