“Gomez Pro A/V installed a brand new sound system at the First Presbyterian church in Lovington, New Mexico. The new sound system is amazing. It sounds and looks great. They were very professional throughout the whole process and we look forward to doing business with them again.”



We start with asking questions. What is the application? Foreground or background music? Full band or speech only? Are your operators tech savvy or newbies? We listen, understand, and deliver a functional product at an affordable price!

Our most significant goal is to outfit your space with a system that will accommodate your needs



Old 🔊 vs. New 🔊

Old: the distance is so far from where the speakers are to the seats. With a room that is so reverberant, this creates an intelligibility issue. It is hard to distinguish between words like “bay” and “day” The listeners are hearing direct sound, but mixed with random reflections. The speakers are aimed at the front rows only, making the sound louder upfront. Lastly, poor sonic imaging (source sounds like it’s coming from where it’s at)

New: We’ve shortened the distance from the speakers to the ears of the listeners. The whole seating area is covered thoroughly. 2 speakers would have been fine, but with 4 you don’t have to turn them up as loud. Sonic imaging is also improved.

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