Greenscreens: What are they? How do they work? Why don’t we use bluescreens anymore?

Most people nowadays know what a greenscreen is for: to remove the background of a moving picture and replace it with a separate image/footage. But sometimes (more commonly on older productions) you see a movie set or TV station using a bluescreen instead of green. What gives? Well, to understand this we need to delve… Read More


Reverberant Space Considerations

Deep in East Texas, this particular church is very reverberant which is very hard to combat. The very first tool that you can use is to install speakers with the correct coverage angles. Being too wide is of our most concern. Sound being dispersed more than it needs to causes extra reflections (more reverberation) Another… Read More

Sound System Talk/Soldering Thoughts

Sound systems have evolved massively in the recent decade, and many brands have come forward with robust technologies. Not only the sound quality has been improved, but the hardware size has considerably reduced. Do you know how the audio engineers modernized sound systems? Classical sound systems used to be bulky and the sound quality wasn’t… Read More

ROI For Nonprofits through video

For example, if your nonprofit helps the homeless to find housing and find jobs, seeing as well as hearing a homeless family move into a home and share their feelings about having a safe place to stay has more impact than a testimonial alone. In addition, being able to see how the nonprofit prepares one for getting a job, the person actually interviewing, and then starting the job is certainly going to persuade more people of the nonprofit’s work than sending an email simply stating how many homeless they found homes or jobs for. Read More

FOH Mix Position/ Sound Booth Tip

If you’ve ever been behind the sound board mixing for a show or a church service, and you think you’ve got the perfect mix dialed in, think again. It is rare that the audience is hearing exactly what you are hearing from the sound booth. Normally, the sound booth is tucked away in some corner… Read More

High Pass Filter Tip!

We all know why we use High Pass Filters. Setting the HPF at a correct frequency can help build clarity in your mix by getting rid of low end “mud” If you are ever running front of house, here is a quick tip if you are waiting around for soundcheck. Set your HPF’s ahead of time!… Read More

Production Thoughts

  You can have a very technically correct video produced that is a failure. You can have a perfectly shot, perfectly edited, best equipment video, but it can be a failure. Success for this video was to be a multiplier for this organization. They had a goal in mind and that was to raise funds.… Read More