How A Video Can Have An Immense ROI For A Nonprofit Business

Nonprofit companies depend on donations and volunteers to keep their business running and provide them with the funds and people they need to accomplish their goals. However, in order to get the the donations and volunteers, your nonprofit needs to get the message out to those people who can help. This means they have to invest some of the money they have in order to get those donations rolling in. Video can help your nonprofit get a high return on investment.

Here is a look at how a video can have an immense ROI for a nonprofit.

Getting Your Message Out to More People

A Video can get your nonprofit’s message out to a much wider audience than by any other means. You can even gain a global audience. People on Facebook and other social media sites tend to click on videos that appear on their walls or in their messages.

Here are a few facts, that nonprofits might want to consider when trying to decide whether or not to use a video strategy or not.

  • When the word video is part of an email subject those emails get opened twice as often as emails without the word video.
  • When businesses and nonprofits use videos they get responses to a call to action 1/3 faster than a calls to action without video.

Keep in mind that one video, like one email, may not get you the ROI you are hoping for. You actually need to develop a video strategy using several videos released in a manner to gain attention and result in a call to action for donations of money or goods.

Why People Are More Responsive to Videos

If you own a non-profit you may wonder why people respond quicker and more often to videos than to your emails, or mass mailing requests. Probably the biggest reasons why videos get a much better response when presented by a nonprofit, is because people can actually see the the good the non-profit is doing.

For example, if your nonprofit helps the homeless to find housing and find jobs, seeing as well as hearing a homeless family move into a home and share their feelings about having a safe place to stay has more impact than a testimonial alone. In addition, being able to see how the nonprofit prepares one for getting a job, the person actually interviewing, and then starting the job is certainly going to persuade more people of the nonprofit’s work than sending an email simply stating how many homeless they found homes or jobs for.

The impact may even be greater, for nonprofits that provide medical care, provide services for the elderly, or young children etc.

Another reason why videos can help a non profit is simply because most people have become accustomed to getting most of their information by videos rather than taking the time to read an email, or report.

Tips for Making Dynamic Videos to Improve Your ROI

In order to increase your ROI your videos need to capture your the attention of your audience. Here are some tips to help you create dynamic videos for your nonprofit:

  • Decide on the emotion you want to evoke.
  • Capture your audience’s attention with an original and compelling story
  • Make sure your video not only engages, but also educates your audience
  • Make sure you inform your audience what help you need and how they give that help
  • Don’t make your video too long.

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